Buy a company

Starting a business from scratch can be a big investment in time and effort. That’s why an efficient and profitable alternative to start a business and achieve the established goals is to acquire an existing company instead of creating a new one.

The purchase of a company is the transaction in which a person or group of people directly or indirectly buys the company from third parties under certain circumstances.

Whether you want to increase market share or profitability, become a leader in a particular sector, obtain greater economies of scale, invest excess of liquidity or increase your debt capacity, buying a company is the best option.

Benefits of buying a company


You will avoid the formalities of the creation of the company, premises and activity licences, equipment, etc.


You will have a ready-made history that will give you a more realistic view of the figures.


You will have goodwill (customers and suppliers).


You will obtain all the know-how of the business and save a lot of time by being able to know all the characteristics of the company in advance.


The business will have to not stop billing because it is already in operation.

How it works

To carry out the purchase of a company it is necessary to work with the best professionals to advise you throughout the process to reach the expected results.

At NIO Ventures, we have a team with vast experience in buying, selling and growing companies that will accompany you during each stage of the process. Our objective is to search for and analyze the different options until we find the best one for you, through a personalized strategy and our wide network of alliances, while always working with maximum confidentiality.


Identification of the
sector where you
want to buy

and presentation of

Opening of

Evaluation of the

and closing
of the operation

Buy a company with
NIO Ventures

Enjoy the process without having to worry.

You are not alone

We will accompany you during the whole process.



Confidenciality and risk reduction.

Focused on you

We will get your best option.

Speed up process

Thanks to our wide network of contacts.

Buying a company has never been this easy