Company sales

The sale of your company is a crucial step in your journey; it is important to adequately prepare for this process as it is a unique opportunity to secure the best possible outcome and open new opportunities for your future.

The key to a successful sale is planning and implementing proven scalability processes to increase the value of the transaction. Therefore, you can start preparing up to 5 years before carrying out the transaction.

Being proactive and acting before the first investors arrive is essential. Establish your goals before starting the process, prepare with the best, and make the sale of your company a success.

Descubre las fases del proceso de venta de una empresa y todo lo que necesitas saber.

The benefits of selling your company with us


Take advantage of growth and implement scalability processes that increase the sales value. You will achieve the best possible transaction.


We maximize the value of your company with methodologies and processes to increase its worth.


We work with a guarantee that if you don’t see value in the first month, we’ll refund your money.


We have a team of highly skilled entrepreneurs with extensive professional experience.


We have a proactive network of buyers both locally and globally.

Find the right buyer to successfully sell your company

f you want to sell your business at the best possible price, don’t limit yourself to a single investor and reach out to the largest number of potential high-quality investors.

At NIO Ventures, we have a team of experts in company sales, all of whom possess a unique quality in the industry as they are all entrepreneurs themselves. Therefore, we have created a unique and proven method for increasing the sales value of your company and attracting a large number of investors. Discover what our tools are.

Proven processes
to increase

Investor funnel
to attract hundreds of interested parties

Senior and
experienced team
as entrepreneurs

Commitment to sell
only at the optimal

Guarantees to make it
a Secure decision

Identifying the right buyer

There is a wide variety of investors, but one type stands out above the rest, and your goal should be to reach them. We call them smart investors. Do you know what characterizes them?

The origin of the company is not important to them.

What interests him is that it is well managed and meets scalability criteria.

Greater investment

He is willing to invest more to increase growth. Therefore, he will pay more for companies that have already implemented scalability processes.

Growth potential

What he values most is that the company has growth potential and can sustain it over time. You will need to be able to demonstrate this.

Competitive advantage

They seek companies with a competitive advantage that allows them to maintain their market leadership position for a long time.

Get the best price when selling your business with our specialized advisory services

Descubre las fases del proceso de venta de una empresa y todo lo que necesitas saber.

Discover the stages of the business sale process and everything you need to know. Implementing scalability processes within your company will attract a wide range of potential buyers, preventing negotiations from stalling. This will give you a strong position, allowing you to be more selective with investors and negotiate the best terms to close the transaction.

The importance of negotiating the terms and conditions of the sale

Always remember: it is very likely that you will only negotiate the sale of your company once in your lifetime. How can you approach the process in the best possible way?

We offer some tips to help you negotiate the terms of the sale. You can also contact us to learn more:

Descubre las principales características del capital riesgo o venture capital y sus principales ventajas.

Stay updated

We continuously update ourselves to ensure competitiveness, efficiency, and adaptability to change, driving growth and innovation.
Los principales consejos para vender una empresa pequeña.

Don't forget the terms

It is the best way to understand the buyer’s expectations. If you let the investor impose their conditions, you will lose control in the final phase of the sale process.

Los 5 ratios financieros más relevantes para medir la salud financiera de tu empresa.

Let it go

It is common for the buyer to make an offer before the fourth meeting. If this doesn’t happen, don’t be afraid to move on to the next one. The more investors you have, the easier it will be to follow this advice.

Sell  with NIO Ventures

You will enjoy the process and not have to worry about anything.

You are not alone

We accompany you throughout the entire process.


Confidentiality and risk reduction.

Focused on you

We achieve the highest profitability.

We speed up the process

Thanks to our extensive network of contacts.

Valuing your company
has never been so easy