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During the life of a company and when implementing strategic plans (new investments, purchase of other companies, international expansion, etc…), the need to obtain capital or financing to support yourself may arise.

These private investments in the form of shares or bonds usually come from pension funds, investment groups, banks and insurance companies.

Benefits of finding investors


Possibility of extending funding when needed.


Financing is easier and less expensive to access.


Support and advice.


Investors are more committed to the success of the company, its growth, profitability and increasing its value.


Possibility of combining debt and equity.

How it works

To find the most suitable investors for your project, it is essential to have the best professionals to advise you throughout the process and obtain the expected results.

At NIO Ventures we have an extensive network of international level contacts, as well as a team with great experience in buying, selling and in helping companies to grow that will help you prepare your company or project to be the most attractive proposal possible so that it will catch the attention of potential investors. Our goal is to make your business plan achieve the value you are looking for.

Analysis of the
company as well as
of the most suitable

Development of
the proposal and the
business plan

Search for and
and present the 
potential investors

Find investors

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NIO Ventures

Enjoy the process without having to worry.

You are not alone

We will accompany you during the whole process.



Confidentiality and risk reduction.

Focused on you

We will get the highest profitability.

Speed up process

Thanks to our wide network of contacts.

Finding investors has never been this easy