Mergers and acquisitions

If you are thinking of growing your company, one of the most suitable alternatives to achieve a greater scope and be more competitive is the merger or acquisition of companies.

A merger is the integration of the assets of two or more companies or groups of companies that were previously independent, forming a single entity. There are three main types of mergers:

  • Pure merger: all the companies lose their legal entities and their assets are integrated into the new entity.
  • Merger by absorption: one company absorbs the assets of the other companies. The legal entity of the absorbed company is maintained.
  • Merger with partial contribution of assets: only part of the assets are contributed on condition that the entity making the contribution is not dissolved.

An acquisition,on the other hand, consists of investing in a company and taking partial control of it, thus acquiring rights over the acquired company. In this case, both companies retain their legal personality.

Benefits of merging or acquiring companies


Synergies derived from the operation and greater competitiveness.


Greater international presence and access to new markets.


Optimization of resources thanks to centralized control.


Increased profitability of the resulting company.


Merging of all expenses and reduction of duplicate costs.


Increase in profits thanks to cross-selling.

How it works

At NIO Ventures, we are specialists in merging and acquiring companies from all types of sectors, from marketing, consulting and services to other more specific sectors, such as the industrial sector.

Our process is focused on analyzing your company, looking at your needs and finding the type of transaction that best suits what you are looking for. We accompany you throughout the process in order to make sure that making your company grow is as easy as possible.

Analysis of your

Searching for the
most suitable

Mediation ins
agreements between
all parties

Closing of the

Merging and acquiring companies with NIO Ventures

Enjoy the process without having to worry.

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Confidentiality and risk reduction.

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