Sell a company

In the life of a businessperson, one of the most important decisions they must face is what to do with their company. The absence of a successor, the drop in economic and financial profitability, technological changes, conflict between partners or the fear of making the leap to change may be some of the reasons why an entrepreneur considers selling their life’s work.

The sale of a business consists of the transaction in which a person or group of people directly or indirectly sells their business to third parties under certain circumstances.

Benefits of selling your company


You will transfer your company and generate liquidity for you and your partners and, if you wish, you can continue to be involved in the business as an executive.


If the market conditions are optimal, you will be able to sell your company for a good price.


You will be able to progress or start other projects that you had to pause due to a lack of resources and time.


You will be able to retire knowing that you are leaving your company in good hands.

In addition, it is important to know when you want to sell in order to determine the best strategy. The degree of urgency will define both the value of the transaction and the direction of the strategy to be taken.

Therefore, before carrying out the sale, it is necessary to define a good strategy to make this complex process as simple as possible thus avoiding any setbacks.

I want to sell as soon as possible

If you want to have access to several purchase offers and get to sell at a higher price than your business is worth, then at NIO Ventures we are specialists in doing so thanks to our wide network of international contacts.

I want to sell in the long term

If you want to get your company to multiply its value and you are not in a hurry to sell, we recommend that you explore the Virtual Mergers service.

How it works

When selling a company it is important that you have the best professionals to advise you on the process and get the best results because, after all, you are putting in value the work of a lifetime.

At NIO Ventures we have a team with vast experience in buying, selling and growing companies. We will accompany you during each stage of the process. Our objective is to obtain the maximum value for our clients through a personalized strategy that allows us to reach the established objective always with the maximum confidentiality.

Company analysis

Valuation of
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Investor search

Negociation with
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Contract signing

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