Looking for a team to guide you through one of the most complex journeys?

Partner with Entrepreneurial Experts in Growth Strategies, Financing and Selling Businesses. 

We create value and maximize profitability for business owners looking to sell their businesses, get financing, or grow strategically.

At NIO, we understand that implementing scalability methodologies, securing financing, or selling businesses are complex processes in which having the right team is essential to achieve success.

The experience and specialization of our team is our guarantee that we will always maximize value in any objective.

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What we do

We accompany and advise our clients throughout the process, using the most appropriate tools in each step in order to achieve maximum value in each service we provide, with confidentiality, integrity and closeness being the main essential value that we hold at the very center of everything we do.

We help business owners in one of the most important phases: selling their life’s work; their company.

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Calculate all the value generating variables of your company and get the maximum value for your work.

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A new business model with which you will avoid the costs associated with a traditional merger and will obtain all the derived advantages.

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If you have a project and need financing, we will help you develop a proposal that will attract the best investors.

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Sell a company

Value a company

Virtual Mergers

Find Investors

at NIO

Our success lies in the power of our people

Integrity and trust

We accompany our clients throughout the process, maintaining maximum confidentiality at all times.

People and Culture

A business is not a product, an office, or even an idea. Our success is based on our excellent team.


We build connections and synergies between our clients to help them achieve their goals.

Commitment and Dedication

Our main objective is to search for excellence in all our projects.

Leading companies trust us

Thank you for guiding us throughout the process, providing us with greater value than expected and, above all, for your integrity in advising us on what was best for us.

Mike Lindell  – CEO of a leading software company

Growing your company has never been so easy

Tell us what your goals are and we will help you reach them.

At NIO Ventures, we know the challenges and opportunities that the market presents and we are willing to accompany you throughout the process.