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We are proud of our people, a team of dynamic professionals with experience and commitment in everything they do.



Luis is one of Europe’s top experts in Communication and Public Relations, and has an international and national background spanning more than 50 years. He is currently the president of IPRN and has managed and directed more than 6 businesses in diverse industries, including DIRCOM which has more than 1,000 directors and professionals from leading Spanish companies. He also provided advice on communication for many companies such as Porsche, BP, BMW, Lutron, Sercotel, etc.



Joe is an entrepreneur with more than 21 years of international experience in business development and business management. He has founded 6 companies. As a consultant, he has driven the growth of more than 53 companies, achieving successful exits with many of them. Recently, as CGO of eRational (Republix), he has implemented many growth tools that have contributed in growing the group’s profits from $10,000 to $12 million.



Based in Switzerland since 2014, David has led a 6-person search fund in the areas of sales prospecting, due diligence and raising capital, with access to a network of international investors who are specialized in deals between $2 and $50 million. David is also an expert in market analysis and has negotiated projects worth up to $100 million for FMCG companies.



Daniel is an expert financial advisor with more than 45 years of experience in corporate financial management and capital market financing. He has taken part in more than 80 M&A transactions, both at national and international level. He was also the CEO and founder of DMSTI, an IT company that grew to over 300 employees and provided services to clients such as Fujitsu, IBM, Everis, Renfe, Indra, etc.

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Carlos González  – CEO of a leading software company

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