Value Your Company

It is essential to value your company for various reasons such as potential sale, seeking investors, or making decisions about your scalability. Identifying the purpose of the valuation is crucial for selecting the appropriate methodology and carefully choosing who to trust with this task.

When seeking help to value your company, avoid hiring firms with conflicts of interest, such as those that also engage in acquisitions or frequently work with specific investors. Otherwise, they might offer only generic figures that do not truly reflect the intrinsic value of your company.

Conducting a proper company valuation offers significant advantages


Strengthen your arguments and objections when negotiating the sale price, financing, or conditions.


Gain access to more financing by providing investors with a clear and precise plan.


Increase the value in any transactions you undertake.


Enhance knowledge of the company’s assets.


Identify weaknesses in the entity and increase the ability to address them.

To achieve a proper valuation and meet your goals, it’s essential to focus on three key aspects

Why are you conducting the valuation?

Conducting an appraisal for administrative purposes or during litigation is not the same as valuing the company for sale or seeking financing. In the former case, the focus will be on legal aspects, figures related to the economic context, or conducting a basic estimation of the company’s assets. Is that what you need? To meet your objectives, you require a much more comprehensive valuation that aligns with your situation.

Knowing who you're doing it for

Our team consists of entrepreneurs who have led their own businesses, enabling us to tailor company valuations to each client’s needs. Identifying the target audience is key to adjusting our evaluations accurately.

Saber qué se está haciendo

Esto implica comprender a fondo los métodos y técnicas empleadas, así como estar al tanto de los últimos cambios en las regulaciones y estándares contables. Mantenerse actualizado y ser consciente de los objetivos de la valoración aseguran que el resultado final sea confiable, sólido y se ajuste a las necesidades del cliente. Apóyate en expertos que estén actualizados y tengan una amplia experiencia.

What valuation methods do we use?

At NIO Ventures, we don’t just calculate the book value of your company. We know there’s more to it than that. That’s why we take into account factors such as business profitability, free cash flows, and capital costs to obtain the highest value for your business.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in company valuation, as well as founders and business leaders. We are ready to assist you, whether you want to sell your company, need planning to start a project, evaluate investment opportunities, or prepare financial statements.

Company Analysis

Evaluation of
all value-generating

Implementation of
strategic measures
to increase value

Final appraisal

Value to sell Your Company

Valuing a company is an essential step in any sales process. It should serve as a starting point in negotiation, helping you understand which scalability processes you need to implement and setting your goals.

However, you should never think that the value of your company is the selling price. This will depend on other factors such as scalability, economic context, or your negotiating ability. Some companies can sell for 200% of their valuation. How?

Prepare your company for sale, implement scalability processes, gain experience in negotiations, and rely on the best. This is the only way to succeed in the process.

Make informed decisions with our objective valuation backed by data

Make informed decisions by having a valuation supported by precise and verifiable data. In a constantly evolving business world, it is essential to have a reliable assessment of your company’s financial health and growth potential.

Boost your business strategy with accurate and reliable valuation

Having a clear understanding of your company’s value and its position in the market is fundamental. Knowing your market position, your strengths, and also what you can improve to increase your business’s scalability will be key to boosting growth.

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