Búsqueda de financiación

Throughout the lifecycle of a company, ensuring adequate financial backing is essential to execute its strategic plan, which may include new investments, acquisitions, or international expansion.

The key to successful financing lies in planning and implementing proven scalability processes to increase the value of the transaction and find the best investor.

At NIO Ventures, we proactively seek local and global investors to identify and attract the right ones for each stage of your company’s growth.

Benefits of seeking investors with
NIO Ventures



Access to capital to grow and expand the company, financing new initiatives, ideas, product development, and much more.


We maximize the value of your company with methodologies and processes to increase its worth.


We work with a guarantee that if you don’t see value in the first month, we’ll refund your money.


We have a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs with extensive professional expertise.


We have a proactive network of buyers both locally and globally.

How does it work?

At NIO Ventures, we have a team of experts in the proactive search for investors, as well as an extensive network of contacts at the national and international levels.

Our goal is to prepare your business attractively for investors, facilitating access to the necessary capital for its growth and connecting you with the best investors for your company.

Analysis of the
company as well as
of the most suitable
investors for it

Development of
the proposal and the
business plan

and presentation of
potential investors

and closing deals
with investors

Attract ‘smart investors’ Do you know how to recognize them?

There is a wide variety of investors, but there is one type that stands out from the rest, and your goal should be to reach them. We call them smart investors. Do you know what characterizes them?

The origin of the company is not important to him.

What matters to him is that it is well-managed and meets scalability criteria.

Higher Investment

He is willing to invest more to increase growth. Therefore, he will pay more for companies that have already implemented scalability processes.

Growth Capacity

What he values most is that the company has the capacity for growth and can sustain it over time. You will need to be able to demonstrate this.

Competitive Advantage

They seek companies that have a competitive advantage enabling them to maintain their market leadership position for a long time.

Find investors with

NIO Ventures

You’ll enjoy the process and won’t have to worry about a thing.

You are not alone

We accompany you throughout the entire process.



Confidentiality and risk reduction.

Focused on you

We achieve the highest profitability.

We speed up process

Thanks to our extensive network of contacts.

Valuing your company
has never been so easy