Value a company

Whether you want to sell your company for retirement, need to get liquidity, or simply want to know where your company stands in order to make decisions about its future, it is very important to calculate the value of your business

When valuing a company, it is not only the book value, expenses and benefits should be taken into account. It is also very important to value other assets such as the financial results, the growth of the sector in which the company is located, inflation, sales growth, internal policies, debts, income statement projections, balance sheet, cash flows or cost of capital, as all this adds value to the company.

Once all this analysis is done, many entrepreneurs are surprised to see that their company is worth more than they had considered.

Benefits of valuing your company


Easiness to support arguments and objections when negotiating the sale price, financing or other conditions.


Access to more financing by giving investors a much clearer plan.


More value in any of the transactions you make.


Better knowledge of the company’s assets.


Identification of the company’s weaknesses and the ability to easily remedy them.

How it works

At NIO Ventures we don’t just calculate the book value of your company. We go one step further and take into account factors such as business profitability, free cash flow and cost of capital to obtain the greatest value for your business.

If you want to sell your company or need the planning to start a project, assess the possibility of investment or to prepare financial statements, our team of professionals will accompany you throughout the process to obtain maximum value.

Company analysis

Evaluation of
all value-generating

Implementation of
strategic measures
that increase
the value

Final valuation

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NIO Ventures

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